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Council Team

If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved or filling one of the vacant roles, please contact your Council Commissioner or Council Youth Commissioner.

The Council Key 3 (CK3) is managed by two volunteers (Council Commissioner and Council Youth Commissioner), and one employee (Council Relationship Manager). Modelling Scouts Canada’s leadership model, the CK3 share the responsibilities of managing overall performance to achieve organization outcomes within Cascadia council. This includes recruitment, volunteer and group support, leadership training, and communications with volunteers, employees, youth members, and other stakeholders within the council.

The Group Support Scouter (GSS) and Scouting Relationship Manager (SRM) are a local resource, mentor, and coach that works directly with a local group to enable them to deliver the Canadian Path program and Scouts Canada’s Five Priorities at the Group and Section level. Reach out to the local GSS or SRM to learn more about scouting in your neighborhood.  

Council Key Three

Council Commissioner (currently recruiting)  
Council Youth Commissioner Nicole Congdon
Council Relationship Manager Alex Longo


Council Service Team

Group Support Scouter Susan MacGregor 
Group Support Scouter Andy Sambrielaz
Group Support Scouter Ron Planden
Group Support Scouter Nicolas Griffin
Group Support Scouter Ross Benron
Group Support Scouter Stan Budden
DCC   - Communication Aurora Peden
DCC   - Marketing Robin Sutherland
DCC   - Program Support Taelon Schuppli-Connolly
DCC   - Recognition Sean Munro
DCC   - Volunteer Development Ross Benton

Council Key Volunteers

Popcorn Coordinator Elizabeth Abrahamsen
Operations Manager Doug Smith

Scouting Relationship Managers (SRM)

SRM suuporting rural and Island BC Sherin Bamji
SRM supporting rural and Island BC Dyanna Pfenniger
SRM supporting northern BC Groups John Androsoff


Scouts Canada, the country’s leading youth organization, offers life enriching programs for girls and boys aged 5-26 through thousands of individual groups located in most cities and towns across Canada.

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